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  • Contains patented ingredients
  • Made with easy-to-take, convenient servings
  • Uses 4 clinically-backed ingredients
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Athletic Edge APE is an alpha performance enhancer containing the patented ingredients TestoSurge™ and GlycoCarn®. Athletic Edge APE comes in 40 convenient servings and contains 4 clinically backed attributes.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You are protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact our customer support within 90 days of purchase for a full refund (less shipping). It is that easy! This guarantee is good for one used (and all other bottles in unused condition). We wouldn't offer this guarantee unless we were absolutely confident about the products that we offer. What do you have to lose? Get Started Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use this product?

This supplement is made to only be taken by healthy men age 18 and up. Those on medication or with any medical conditions should consult their physician before using.

What are the instructions for using this product?

Take two caps first thing in the morning with food five days a week. On training days, take an extra serving an hour before working out. Take a 4 week break after each 12 week cycle.

How long does this product last

Each box is designed to last for 20 days.

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